How Do You Make a Holiday in Launceston a Success?

Launceston city park

Spend a good deal of time on foot in Launceston as you will enjoy a different side of the city.

Launceston is one of Tasmania’s oldest and largest cities and is known for its beauty, culture and diverse flavors. A holiday to this vibrant Australian city should leave you only a bit regretful as you are leaving Launceston on your way back to Sydney and full of plans for your next holiday to Tasmania.

From the moment you step into Launceston, you will be surrounded by rich history. The city is located at the junction of the North and South Esk Rivers and was settled in 1806. George Bass and Matthew Flinders landed just north of the area now known as Launceston in 1798 while they were seeking a strait between Australia and Tasmania. While it had previously been occupied by nomadic Aboriginal people, the European arrivals set up a camp and named their new settlement Patersonia before finally changing the name to Launceston for the city in Cornwall.

Over the next two decades, the population grew, and hotels, breweries and cultural buildings began to spring up around the town. Today, visitors can stroll through beautiful historic Colonial and Victorian streets and elegant old parks. Art galleries, museums, shops, wineries and fine dining round out the experience, and Cataract Gorge is within walking distance of the CBD for easier access. It offers Launceston visitors and residents an opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the area without ever having to leave the city. Not far from the city is the Tamar River Valley and the area’s prestigious wine country with more than 20 vineyards, historic villages, quaint orchards and other spots of interest along the Heritage Highway.

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Why Executive Rentals in Sydney are So Popular

fully furnsihed executive Sydney rental

Executive rentals in Sydney are becoming more popular due to the standard of the accommodation.

Business trips are not necessarily a favourite activity for most people, but they are often a necessary part of life. Sydney is a major centre of corporate activity and often hosts many business travellers every year, which means that this special class of travellers have many options when it comes to accommodations. However, they almost invariably choose one specific type of accommodations and the choice for Sydney executive rentals came out the winner and on top.

In fact, a survey that was performed in 2010 found that nearly half of travellers preferred vacation rentals for business-related travel. Why are Sydney’s executive rentals so popular? What makes them stand out from the hundreds of hotel rooms and other accommodations?

Corporate travellers appreciate luxurious amenities such as soft beds, fitness centers, swimming pools and concierge service. Furnished apartments provide travellers with expansive rooms, cost-effective travel solutions and plenty of privacy for a genuine home-away-from-home experience that boosts productivity and rejuvenates even the most stressed executive traveller.



Whether you have a weekend seminar, a visit to a branch office or a months-long project, you need a comfortable base of operations. A cramped room or inconveniently located hotel can put a serious damper on your visit to Sydney and interfere with your work. An executive or corporate apartment is essentially a fully furnished apartment. They feature between one and four bedrooms, a well-appointed living room and a nicely equipped kitchen with everything needed to prepare meals. Laundry facilities are also frequently available and can help corporate travellers save on their personal expenses.

Corporate housing options can include both cosy apartments and luxurious suites with plenty of room to move around and stretch out. Many are located in the CBD right alongside the top corporations, which can eliminate the need for long commutes and simplify the process of getting from one place to another. Corporate apartments and executive rentals can even be found near hotels, which often host conventions, workshops and other types of corporate functions, for increased convenience.

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Where Do You Find Domestic Flight Deals in Australia?

12 Apostles in South Australia

Deals can be found online for Australia domestic flights, that can take you to such destainations as the 12 Apostles.

The Australian continent may be far away from everywhere else in the world but people still live there and although there’s a belief that Australian tourists want to get out of Australia, many tourists still like to travel around and explore the hidden parts of Australia that they want to get to know and might not have had a chance to on a previous trip, or even have never been out of their local area before.

It’s not only the little towns that have the charm, even the big cities such as Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney have undiscovered gems that you might not notice on just a casual trip to one of these cities.

Now, to get anywhere from any place in Australia you have to fly. That is the quickest and most convenient way that you will ever get anywhere in Australia. If you’re from a rural area of Australia, flying to the big city might be a little daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before.


What You Expect to Pay for Domestic Flights

Then of course there’s the price. How much is a flight from, say, Perth to Sydney going to cost you? The answer is not as much as you might think. Thanks to the increasing number of people flying domestic whether for leisure or business, flight prices are coming down to the lowest they’ve ever been on Australia domestic flights. For some they may not be low enough but when you factor in the price of accommodation and transport around the area that you’ll be staying in it is actually not such a bad price.

Now, If you book online on websites such as Totally Australia, Sydney Flights Accommodation and Melbourne Flights Accommodation it is a certainty that you’ll find some fantastic package deals and trip itineraries. These sites are absolutely the best at arranging everything for you, if you need transport while you’re at your destination then they can even take care of the details of renting you a car and all you need to do is pick up the keys.

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What Are The Accommodation Options in Sydney?

View of Sydney Harbour from Circular Quay

There are plenty of accommodation options surrounding Circular Quay and Sydney Harbour.

Sydney attracts millions of visitors from around the world every year. This beautiful harbour city is aptly named as an Alpha Plus World City and has made the list as one of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. Established in 1788 as a penal colony, Sydney was the first area in Australia to be populated by the British. It is built on the beautiful hills and sandstone cliffs surrounding Sydney Harbour, a large and lovely natural harbour, which is home to both Sydney’s world-renowned Opera House and its distinctive Harbour Bridge. The city’s beaches, cultural venues and other notable areas are popular with both Sydneysiders and visitors. Accommodations options in Sydney are plentiful.


1. Furnished Apartments

One of the most versatile types of accommodations, furnished apartments can be found just about anywhere in Sydney and its suburbs and can be booked on such websites as Apartments are especially good choices for corporate travellers, groups and families. They offer all of the comforts of home and spacious designs with one, two or three bedrooms and one or more bathrooms. Fully equipped kitchens, plasma TVs, DVD players and available WiFi combine to make furnished apartments your home-away-from home the entire time that you are in Sydney. Prices can vary based on where you are staying and the size of your apartment. However, one bedroom apartments can be found for just $125 a night.


2. Bed-and-breakfasts

One of the more romantic options, bed-and-breakfasts are great choices for couples but can also be comfortable, relaxing accommodations for individuals, too. While they can vary dramatically in terms of the amenities they offer and may not provide private bathroom facilities, they have one thing in common: attentive hospitality. The rooms are often spacious and well-appointed, and facilities can be found in The Rocks, Glebe and other prime locations. Some lodgings are heritage-listed and combine history with luxury while others put you close to the Botanic Gardens, the Opera House and other top destinations. Rooms start at $165 a night.

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Travelling From Alice Springs to Sydney

Sydney Opera House and harbour

Travelling from the red centre of Alice Springs to the harbour city of Sydney with a visit to the Opera House in mind.

At this time of year, travelling from the striking red desert of Alice Springs to the beautiful harbour city of Sydney is as popular as ever. As the third largest town in Australia’s Northern Territory, Alice Springs or, ‘The Alice’ as it is known by many natives, is a town that is located in the centre of Australia, geographically speaking, close to the southern border of the Northern Territory.

The town is known for its large population of United States Citizens which has been present since the 1950s and most of them are employed at the Pine Gap Defence Space Research facility that is a joint operation between the US and Australian government. Of the 24,000 population, approximately 2,000 hold United States citizenship.

The harbour city of Sydney hardly needs an introduction. Sydney is sometimes confused by the international set as Australia’s capital city and, just to make this clear, the capital city of Australia is actually Canberra. Sydney is the first British settled colony on Australian soil and has since grown to a population of over four million.

As an internationally renowned city, Sydney has led the way in establishing Australia on the international stage and is very much responsible for the enduring image that many people, both international and domestic, have of Australia. The laid back, no worries lifestyle is one of the most popular stereotypes that exists about Sydney and Australia as a whole. Sydney has a positive vibe to its atmosphere and this is picked up by visitors to the city and they go home with a much better appreciation of Sydney and a much better understanding of the culture.

Your options for travelling between Alice Springs and Sydney are a little limited. You must bear in mind that Australia is not a tiny island that you can take one long stride and you’ll be in the next city. Australia is a large continent that is slightly bigger than the contiguous United States. To give you a clearer image, the whole of the European Union could fit quite nicely into Australia. That’s right. France, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Greece, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom and Ireland could all be placed within the continent of Australia and there’d still be a bit of room left. That would be quite a culture shock and Australia would very much take over the dubious nickname of ‘The Melting Pot’ from the United States.

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Is a Furnished Apartment Better than a Hotel when Travelling to Sydney?

furnished living room in a Sydney apartment

If you are after a home away from home when on holiday in Sydney, a furnished apartment is the way to go.

Any seasoned traveller will know that when you make the trip to Australia, it’s always good to stay for a long time. Australia is a continent with much to offer the traveller. The stable government is definitely a plus in favour of wanting to stay longer, the locals are also the friendliest bunch that a person can meet, but the dilemma that many tourists and travellers to Sydney face is whether to stay in a furnished apartment or a hotel.

The furnished apartments in Sydney offer an all inclusive personal experience similar to what Furnished Properties offer, unlike even the most upscale of hotels, where the most you can expect is a bag of complimentary chocolates on your pillow and cable television. In a fully furnished rental apartment, you have a kitchen, bathroom and living area.

Full access to WiFi and phone services are also included and the unlimited freedom that you get when you rent a fully furnished apartment. Hotels, even the most luxurious, just don’t give you that sense of unbounded freedom. To them, you are simply a paying guest, who’s renting a room along with many others. In a fully furnished apartment, this isn’t the case.

You’re a resident, with the ability to cook your own meals in the privacy of your own kitchen. Relax in the bath, watch TV and all of this you can have at the same price, or perhaps even cheaper, than a hotel. Where you may get bothered every few minutes by room service, who you’d have to call if you wanted anything to eat or drink.

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Why is Sydney Such a Popular Destination?

Sydney harbour and CBD

Between the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, it is not difficult to understand why this city is so popular.

Situated in Australia’s eastern seaboard, Sydney is a city in the state of New South Wales. Sydney has gone through hundreds of years of careful evolution from it’s initial beginnings as the first British colony in Australia. Of course, there were people in the area that is now Sydney before the British arrived. These were the Australian aboriginals that the British named the Eora, which is because when the British settlers asked them where they came from, they would always answer with that word. The word was later translated to mean “here”.


A Little Bit of Sydney History

In 1788, the arrival of the first British fleet of 11 ships, two of which were Royal Navy vessels, to Australia rubbed many of the indigenous people the wrong way and there was pockets of fierce resistance to the British settlers and convicts. Despite having much more advanced weapon technology, the British may or may not have known they had a deadly weapon that would wipe out thousands of the aboriginals without firing a single shot.

Smallpox was common enough to the convicts and settlers from Europe but to the aboriginal people of Australia it was a new and deadly disease that they couldn’t fight off. It was a common sight to see their bodies bobbing in Sydney harbour. Historians still argue over whether the British, intentionally or unintentionally, gave the deadly disease to the indigenous population.

Whatever happened, it was clear that the British were here to stay – for now. The overburdened prison system of the United Kingdom had spurred the Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend to charter an expedition to the land that Captain Cook had discovered in the southern hemisphere, to establish a penal colony. Thomas Townshend was Lord Sydney and, as such, Sydney was named in his honour. Fast forward a couple of centuries and Sydney is a bustling epicentre of the world, full of the modern conveniences that technology has to offer. The reason Sydney is such a popular destination might be a mystery to some and an answer that’s taken for granted by others.


Sydney Today in 2014

Still, over 4 million 600 thousand people can’t be wrong, can they? That’s the population of Sydney today and it’s climbing every year, with immigration coming mainly from Europe and Asia. Sydney, despite its distance from Europe and the Americas, is still a destination that pulls so many tourists to its harbour every year and is detailed more accurately in resource sites such as Many of these people are enthralled and drawn by the quality of life that has been a mainstay of Australia’s reputation around the world for decades. Sun, Sea and “No Worries” have been the often repeated mantra by tourists who have visited Australia and, indeed, many of those who have made the move to Australia to live.

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